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Business management solutions tHAT fit your needs.


Knowing where and how you spend your money is as important as knowing how much you earn. It empowers you. It assures you that your life is under control. Through cash management, we can help you pay bills, manage credit and keep your financial commitments in order. We can provide a record of your spending so you can make wiser choices related to your lifestyle, cash flow and the household balance sheet. This information can be used to measure your personal performance.

We can also ensure that you collect all you have earned. Where appropriate, our specialists offer advice on contract negotiations and arrange income and royalty audits, all designed to protect your earning power. Live the life you've always wanted. Let us take care of the rest.



Life is full of risks. Planning for them is the only way to gain peace of mind for your entire family.

We will work with third-party insurance brokers to help guard against the many threats that can stand in the way of your financial goals and lifestyle objectives – risks such as critical illness, disability, death and property damage. Our in-house professionals can advise on sophisticated insurance programs and are well versed in complex and unusual insurance needs.


The comprehensive consideration of tax is an integral element in the development, implementation and ongoing management of your overall financial plan. Tax laws are among the most complex ever written and it requires extensive knowledge and experience to fully understand and derive full advantage from planning opportunities. Taking the proper steps to ensure that the impact of tax is minimized and that investment strategies are accordingly maximized is absolutely essential.

Our resident tax specialists work to control tax consequences and are prepared to deliver this service exclusively or to collaborate with your existing tax professionals at your discretion. Sophisticated and integrated, and taking into account both short-term and long-term implications, our tax services can touch a wide range of applications including compensation in all its various forms, business acquisitions, philanthropic involvement, debt management and much more.

We are also available to manage the preparation of individual, corporate, partnership, trust and other types of returns, as well as coordinate scheduled payments and represent you before federal and state tax authorities as required.

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Business Management is not a one-time event. It's an ongoing process of change, re-evaluation and adjustments.

Customized Approach

Working with you, we outline a customized approach, identifying key drivers for success. Then on your approval, we proceed with the implementation.

Keeping You on Track

Our Business Management team will work directly with you to consider revising your game plan for life's inevitable detours and changing circumstances.


At your convenience, we meet to review your progress. You also receive regular financial statements and other periodic reports. All to ensure you feel confident in the soundness of your decisions.


Working with a number of large mortgage sources, we'll explore a world of options on your behalf and present a short-list of recommendations.


Real estate purchases and other major transactions can be handled seamlessly and efficiently. We can locate properties, arrange for financing, negotiate with contractors, supervise improvements and handle relocation needs to your specifications.


Managing your business affairs involves much more than looking after your finances. DWM goes above and beyond to take care of the many details that impact your daily life.  From finding domestic help to purchasing your residence – if you need it, we'll find or facilitate it.  Some of our common management activities include: 

  • Bill Payment

  • Personal Shoppers

  • Expense Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • and more...

Our goal is to make your life off the field and spot light as stress free and possible, giving you more time for doing the things you enjoy doing the most.

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Credit Counseling is a process that involves offering education to consumers about how to avoid incurring debts through establishing an effective Debt Management Plan and Budget.


Our services also offer removing all negative items that appears on all three Credit Reports that stops you from moving forward in achieving your desire goals in life.


Assists you in obtaining a better credit score on each of the three major credit reports, Equifax, Experian and Transunion.


In today's economy some lenders demand a minimum score of 740 for the best mortgage rates. Lower scores mean higher rates. Scores below 580 gets you nothing purchased through credit.

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