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Certified Public Accountant

“Tax Compliance Specialist and Music Enthusiast”

Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mark Torphy's life was always filled with two things - music and sports. Mark attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as a music major with dreams of transferring to the Berkeley College of Music after completing his general requirements. Of course, his parents wanted something more stable for his life and after some convincing (and trickery), Mark decided to stay at UWM and pursue accounting in order to merge his technical education with his two loves, music and sports. 


After exposure to working in music videos and in general accounting, Mark received the opportunity to do both in 2003 when a mutual friend introduced him to one of the partners of Madison Smallwood Financial Group.  With years of hard work and great training, Mark went back to public accounting to build a specialty in tax compliance, consulting and planning. While working at Habif Arogeti and Wynne, LLP, Mark was given the approval and support of the firm, specifically Alex Knight, one of the firm's partners, to resuscitate it's music and sports division, within the high-net worth" group of the firm. In June of 2010, Mark started his full-time specialty tax firm.

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