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CEO | Business Manager

“Visionary Leader and Strategic Business Manager”


Elijah Drame is a 3-time, international champion and retired professional soccer player who has continued to demonstrate success both on and off the field.  He began his career with Jaraaf de Dakar in Senegal at the age of 15.  He also played with Wallidan in Gambia and the Senegal National Team before continuing to play for teams in France, Mexico, and the USA.


While playing internationally, he noticed that many professional players spent their salaries and royalties frivolously and did not completely understand the dynamics of their finances, taxes, and expenses.  After finishing his professional soccer career, Elijah decided to follow his passion to give guidance and direction to professional athletes and entertainers to help build their wealth.  He began working with Akon and after 5 years, Akon and his mother recommended Elijah to work for Nigro Karlin Segal & Feldstein, LLP (NKSF), the largest accounting and business management firm in the country, where Akon was a client.  After learning the ins and outs of managing Akon and other clients, he decided to start Drame Wealth Management (, a firm dedicated to helping young athletes and entertainers prepare for life after sports and entertainment.   His client list includes Entertainers -  Akon, Bu, Gucci Mane, and Kevin "Coach K" Lee - as well as both College and NFL Players – UGA, Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, and Denver Bronco to name a few.  Elijah has expanded his business management to include small business owners adding new clients - Modavate, Contact Medical, and j6 Management.


Elijah is a graduate of the University of Sorbonne Paris 14, College of Scree Coeur Senegal with a degree in Accounting.


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